In-Mold Welding

This patent pending innovation, developed by the HUMMEL-FORMEN, combines two technologies in one process:
Plastic injection and welding of the 2 plastic parts to a final product. Additional welding devices are not necessary. Extraction and reinsertion of the parts can be omitted. The final product can be directly taken out of the mold.

Alongside the large cost saving potential JoinMelt multiplies the enhancement of quality and functional reliability.

  • Only one mold for injection molding and welding.
  • Clean parts without weld flashes and particles.
  • Ideal for the production of hollow parts made of fiber-glass-reinforced polyamides
  • No geometrical limitation.
  • Reduction of production and material costs.
  • Minimization of part weight.
  • Simplification of the manufacturing process.

JoinMelt is applicable to all thermoplastics and fiber-glass-reinforced polyamides.

JoinMelt is an invention of HUMMEL-FORMEN in cooperation with the machine manufacturer Engel Austria GmbH and the specialist for welding machines KVT Bielefeld.
The latter keeps the patent for hot-gas-welding to achieve a particle free and high-strength welding.


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